If you want to drive to Delft from the center of The Hague, it is good to know that the Hoornbrug in Rijswijk will not be accessible in the near future due to work. The bridge over the Delftsche Vliet will be closed from Monday 6 February to 17 closed to all traffic in March.

The bridge is an important connection between The Hague and Rijswijk, it will be closed for major maintenance work. Not only motorists will soon have to make a detour, trams will also not be able to cross the bridge.


Between February 6 and 20 march tram 1, 15 and 15 a other route

. For example, tram 1 no longer runs to Delft, but you can transfer to a bus along the way.

Diversion tram Hoornbrug. Image HTM

Motorists and cyclists will be detoured, signs indicate the routes. Pedestrians can cross the bridge. When the bridge is open for the work, you can cross with a ferry.

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