Attention stargazers! In the night of Wednesday, February 1 to Thursday, February 2, a special, green comet can be seen above The Hague. This comet named C/200 E3 (ZTF) is it closest to the earth.

Good to know: the comet is only clearly visible with binoculars or a telescope. Of course, the weather conditions also have to cooperate a bit.

Gold-colored tail

Under perfect weather conditions, the comet should be visible to the naked eye are. You don’t get a really sharp image, but a vague greenish dot can be observed. If you have binoculars at hand and the sky is clear, you can clearly see the green comet with a gold-colored tail. If you are going to watch this natural phenomenon, it is best to do so in the gardens where it is dark.

A comet consists of ice, gas and dust. C/200 E3 (ZTF) orbits the sun and gets warmer as it gets closer to it. Then pieces of the comet break off and form the tail. The gas cloud around the comet can 43. can grow up to 1 million kilometers long. The distance between The Hague and the comet in the night of February 1 to 2 is 50 million kilometers.

43. years ago

There is another special fact about this comet. It is such a 43.000 years since this comet last could be seen with the naked eye. Back then, Neanderthals were still walking around on the spot where The Hague is now!

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