Taxi stand at Eindhoven Airport. Photo for illustration.Photo: ANP/Hollandse Hoogte/Harold Versteeg

Taxibrainport, a subsidiary of the Van Gerwen Group in Zeeland, is taking over the Eindhoven taxi company Cibatax. That company was declared bankrupt for the third time earlier this month. The acquisition will take place on Wednesday, February 1.

Marco van Gerwen, director-owner of the Van Gerwen Group, says he is proud to be able to give Cibatax a new start. In his own words, he therefore wants to take over as many Cibatax employees as possible and continue the transport contracts. “At Taxibrainport, Cibatax will mainly focus on luxury, business transport,” Van Gerwen writes in a press release. “The aim is that all agreements for journeys are fulfilled and that customers notice as little as possible of the transition.”

In addition, Van Gerwen wants to take major steps in the field of sustainability. “Older diesel cars from

Cibatax will therefore not be taken over, but will be replaced by electric vehicles,” the transport company from Zeeland reports. Van Gerwen now has such 18 electrically powered taxis and buses on the road.

“Nice club people” Cibatax remained in operation in recent days, because immediately after the bankruptcy candidates already reported to take over the Eindhoven taxi company. Curator Matthijs Steenpoorte previously called Cibatax’s staff “a great group of people with a heart for the cause”. Steenpoorte is therefore pleased that Cibatax can make a new start with “a major regional player”. “Taxibrainport/Van Gerwen Groep knows the market and the market conditions”, according to the trustee.

Van Gerwen employs such 26 drivers and employees in other departments. The company drives
for large companies in Southeast Brabant, is involved in student transport, client transport

of care institutions (such as Severinus in Veldhoven) and arranges transport for the elderly and people with a

disability. Together, Van Gerwen and Cibatax have a fleet of over 160 taxis. Together they make

such a 6000 rides per week. Taxibrainport, a BV of Van Gerwen Groep, includes Taxi Jansen, van de Oetelaar, Taxi Centrale Best, Hotax, Vervoersservice Van Gerwen and Luchthaven and Interlux.

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