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Before 10 March 2022 taxi drivers must have replaced their G2 system card of the Onboard Computer Taxi (BCT) with a G3 system card. According to the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT), every taxi is legally obliged to be equipped with a properly functioning BCT.

As of 10 March, the G2 system board has stopped working. If the system card no longer works, the entire Onboard Computer Taxi will no longer work or no longer meet the legal requirements. The BCT registers, among other things, the working and rest times of a taxi. According to ILT, taxi companies themselves are responsible for effecting the transition from the G2 system map to the G3 system map before 21 March.

To convert the system card, taxi drivers must first make an appointment with their workshop or with their BCT manufacturer. There they can replace their G2 card with a new 3G card.

Important tool At the end of last year, the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate already called on taxi drivers and entrepreneurs to replace the system card in time. “For proper registration of journey data and working and rest times, all taxis in the Netherlands are required to have a BCT. Inside each BCT is a system card that identifies the on-board computer and enables it to sign data. For the ILT, the BCT is an important instrument in its supervision and enforcement. During road inspections, company inspections and digital inspections, the inspectorate checks, among other things, for the presence and use of a BCT”, so wrote ILT at the time.

Software update “In 2020 it was not yet legally possible to replace the index card in the field with a non-sequential index card,” explains Toshin Tjin- Cabman’s A-Sie. “That is why the ILT and the RDW gave approval at the time to temporarily extend the security certificate for a period of three years by means of a software update on the existing G2 system cards. As a result, the system cards did not have to be replaced at the time. However, this was a temporary solution.”

According to Tjin-A-Sie, about 21 percent of the customer base has already exchanged the old G2 system card for a G3 system card. system board. “But there are also people who haven’t done it yet. It is important that every taxi driver knows that they must have their system card exchanged before 10 March. You have to be there in time to have the new system card built into the BCT. A system board change can only be performed by installers. They have the right authorizations for this.”

Installation Taxi drivers who have yet to exchange their system card and who have a BCT from Cabman can contact one of the installation partners who the Tilburg BCT manufacturer is rich. “We have a number of partners, spread throughout the Netherlands. Those are all authorized system card swap stations. Again, it is important that everyone is aware of the system board change. If you have not replaced your system card before 10 March, your Cabman BCT will be unusable”, concludes Tjin-A-Sie .

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