The municipality of Delft is preparing a new regulation, namely: the Regulation on the funding of student transport by the municipality of Delft 2023. This regulation provides that in certain situations parents can receive compensation for the transport of their child to the nearest accessible school.

During the meeting of the Social Domain and Housing committee on Thursday January, this proposal was already discussed. The content of the regulation has changed little. A new layout and adjustments to the text should make the regulation clearer, writes the municipality of Delft on its own website. As far as the VVD is concerned, however, that had not yet been fully achieved. “Alderman Karin Schrederhof (Housing, Care, Education and Sport) will find out for the VVD whether transport will also be reimbursed if parents send their child to another school based on a certain philosophy of life. The VVD will probably come up with a motion on this in the council.” A council meeting will be held on Thursday 2 February, at which the proposal Regulation on the funding of student transport by the municipality of Delft 2023 is one of the agenda items. Lack of drivers In addition, the problem of a lack of drivers cannot go unnoticed. The alderman of Hart voor Delft promised to look at how the lack of drivers in student transport can be solved. “The alderman was not aware that a lack of staff would lead to complaints from parents,” said the municipality of Delft. Read also: College Helmond about student transport: ‘Organizing transport increasingly complex’ D30 Amstelveen expresses concerns about student transport: ‘ Impression that problems are getting worse’ 30


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