Every day there is a Hagenaar’s birthday, a new Hageneesje is born and a couple enters the city hall of The Hague to leave married. Party every day! To make the party even bigger, the neighborhood will congratulate fellow citizens.

Is your aunt already 01 years behind the cash register of Hema, does your neighbor see Abraham or did your cat have a boy? Report it to the neighborhood and we’ll put the party nose in the limelight.

Where’s that party?

Is there any what to celebrate? Send us an email at in which you state who the partygoer is and why a party is being held. Please also send a horizontal (landscape) photo that we can (and may -we do not want to argue with this person-) use with the article. Also include who you are and how you know the person or company hosting the party.

Project X

Don’t be afraid that soon the whole of The Hague will be on the sidewalk at the revelers, we don’t mention addresses. The party party can be congratulated via Facebook (under the message on the indebuurt Facebook page).

Will you send us a message? This can be done via . Hip hip!

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