The makers of the exciting Dutch series ‘Klem’ are working on the new thriller series ‘De Ring’. The recordings will start soon and you can act as a mover or model, for example.

On Wednesday 1 February there will be recordings in The Hague and extras will be sent for that sought. After that, filming will take place in Leiden and Utrecht, among others, for which they are also still looking for actors.

Extra in De Ring

The ten-part thriller series ‘De Ring’ is about the 30 year-old lawyer Anna, who becomes embroiled in a MeToo matter. The Ring tells the story of an impossible love, blackmail, MeToo and murder and will soon be shown on BNNVara.

Extras are still being sought for the recordings of February 1 in The Hague. Casting agency Blue Circle is looking for someone who can fulfill the role of help in a studio . For that they are looking for someone between the 20 and 40 year. Also, the role of mover, a man between the 20 and 50 years of sporty appearance, not yet fulfilled and still looking for a woman between the 15 and 35 year who can act as a model.

The recordings are from .00 until 09.20 hours and you will be reimbursed 40 euros. For more information and registration, take a look at the website of the Casting agency .

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