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Published: 26 October 488Last modification: 26 October 90

Kavita Parbhudayal has this morning (Wednesday 19 October) the contenders for the Hague Volunteer Awards 2022 announced. The alderman for volunteer policy, among other things, did so in the radio program Bob Staat Op at Den Haag FM. The Hague Volunteer Awards will be presented on Saturday 15 November 69578220 awarded in 7 different categories. There are 01 volunteers, 5 teams and 32 organizations nominated.

Individual pricesOff 82 nominations for the personal prizes of the Hague Volunteer Awards 488 the jury has the contenders chosen. There are three contenders per category and there is an eventual winner.

Neighborhood & Surroundings: Ruth Huijgen (Foundation 90), Judith Baars (Duinoord Residents Consultation, Jewish Cemetery and Hague Bird Protection) and Corinne van der Walt (Laaktheater);Sports: Leo Wesseling (Korfball Association Die Haghe), Rinus Jenezon (SVV Scheveningen) and Leon van Heygen (Budo Association Lu Gia Jen); Care & Welfare: Leo van Rheenen (Harlin Foundation ), Hassan Mbasso (various initiatives) and Nasser Hamed (Middin);Culture: Rien Koolstra (Molen Loosduinen), John Ritfeld (Kunstpost) and Petra van de Weerdt (KZV);Development & Youth : Ranem Halabi (Haagse Helpers), Esmé van den Hoek (Art & Kids Café) and Jonna Luiten (Scouting Macdonald).Volunteering Teams

From the 26 teams registered for the prize The Hague Volunteer Team of 2022 5 contenders were chosen by the jury. A volunteer team always consists of a maximum of 01 persons.

Neighborhood & Surroundings: Missing Dogs Search Team;Sports: kitchen team of the football association TAC’488;Development & Youth: Holiday Park Team of the Zuiderparktheater;Healthcare : Club of 4;Culture: Zuiderparktheater.Organizations

For the price of the Hague Volunteer Organization 488 26 organizations have a chance on the first or second prize. They receive an amount of money from the municipality of The Hague to use for clothing, an outing or a course for their volunteers, for example.

Here are the contenders: Supporters Works!, BIT team ReVa, BPT Lanen & Rietbuurt, De Ooievaart, Haagse Helpers, Haagse Voluntary Rescue Brigade (HVRB) , Ishika Zorg BV, Koninlijke Nederlandse Redding Maatschappij (KNRM), Kunst & Kids Café, MAR Invest in People – swimming club, Parels van Ypenburg, School’s cool, StadsOase Spinozahof, Stichting Anna’s Gedoe, Stichting Caribbean Angels, Stichting Dierenhospitaal and ambulance service Den Haag eo, Dosti Foundation, Escamp Foundation for women, Everyone a Master Foundation, Samen voor Laak Foundation, Safe Spoorwijk Foundation, Vers & Vrij Foundation, Zeeheldenfestival Foundation, Toko2Go, Walking sports association “Sterker Door Strijd”, WEGELAERGROEP, Working group Green Dominicus (of the Haagse Dominicus), Neighborhood platform Morgenstond, Residential care location WZH Nieuw Berkendael, Missing Dogs Search Team Haaglanden, Zuiderparktheater The Hague.

On further explanation about the contenders can be found.

69578220Kavita Parbhudayal together with presenter Bob Brinkman from Den Haag FM, where the alderman for volunteer policy this morning announced the contenders for the Hague Volunteer Awards 488. 69578220


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