Now that Hennes and Mauritz at the Weversplaats and the Gravenstraat are closed, we are going en masse to H&M in Mall of The Netherlands. But the large H&M in the former Bonneterie building will reopen soon. Read here when.

Have to go to Mall of The Netherlands for weeks when you are at H&M want to shop, go there if you are a lover of the city center of The Hague and fast-fashion. Just a few more weeks, then shoppers can go to H&M Gravenstraat again.

Reopening H&M in The Hague

The city center of The Hague without H&M is just as to get used to. The five-storey former department store on Gravenstraat where H&M has been housed since 1886 currently being renovated from top to bottom.

Many people are very curious what H&M is planning and whether we will soon recognize the classic elements of the former Maison de Bonneterie again. It remains to be seen. We will know more on Thursday 9 March, when the doors of H&M Gravenstraat will open again.

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