Do you like to work with flowers, plants and other natural materials? And do you like styling and dressing cool events? Then the Yuverta MBO course Flower, greenery and styling is for you! Very nice: the coming week there will be several open days, so sign up quickly.

Yuverta is for the real doers. In addition to the Flower, Green and Styling MBO course, you can follow many more courses at Yuverta. Curious which courses these are? Then take a look at the training overview . Would you rather experience it yourself? Then you are very welcome at one of the introductory activities . For example, do a trial study for a day or spend a day with one of the students.

Seven locations, three levels and two forms of study

You can follow the course Flower, greenery and styling at Yuverta mbo Rijswijk, Dordrecht, Houten, Aalsmeer, Den Bosch , Heerlen or Horst at level 2, 3 or 4 with the learning path BOL or BBL. During the training you will learn everything about working with natural materials. “I chose the course because I like working with my hands and being creative,” says student Myrthe. And that’s a good thing, because this course is definitely for the creative doers.”

A more colorful world

During the training you will learn how to turn shop windows into eye-catchers and how to take radiant product photos. You get started with the design of a green plan for the design of a space, or you create cool flower arrangements for the decoration of an event. You also make that cozy bouquet for home. In fact, you ensure that the world becomes a bit more colorful, while taking into account sustainability, nature and people.

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28MBO training Flower, greenery and styling | Video: Yuverta

The ‘real’ work

During your training you regularly do an internship, so that you know how things work in the business world. Student Daan did an internship at a garden centre. “There I learned how to make bouquets, take care of plants and I was allowed to style with beautiful home decorations.” You will also work on projects for real clients and you will receive guest lectures from experts in the field.

You will also have the opportunity to take electives during your course. You decide in which direction you want to develop. You can choose to deepen or broaden your knowledge within the field. Choose interior design or interior styling and immerse yourself in trends, conceptual flower arrangements and market innovations or focus on entrepreneurship.

From former student to champion flower binder

Former student Bente van Meurs, Dutch Champion flower binder, did just that. “My company stands for unique creations of fresh and dried flowers. I make everything to order. From mourning to bridal work and other fun creations. I also regularly give workshops. With my company I would like to show that the flower industry is more than just a bouquet of flowers.”

Many possibilities in the future

All the experience you gain during your internships ensures that you are well prepared for working life. For example, work as a flower, event or interior stylist, green sales advisor or employee in a flower or lifestyle store. But also as a green specialist in interior planting or at a garden centre. Or start your own company like Bente did.

Would you rather continue your studies? That is also possible. For example, transfer directly to a higher level of secondary vocational education. Have you completed the level 4 training? Then you can move on to higher vocational education, for example to the interior design or floral art course.

Come to the open day

From 28 January to 5 February you can go to different open days of different Yuverta branches. Here you can really experience whether the Flower, greenery and styling course is something for you. Are you curious about other courses? That’s a good thing, because there are countless other study options from which to choose. These can also be discovered during the open days. Find out which branch you need to be at and register!



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