People who have difficulty walking, among others, can use Buurttransport in the municipality of Heumen. Photo for illustration.Photo: Pixabay/Filmbetrachter

Neighborhood transport Heumen, a voluntary transport service in the municipality of the same name, is experiencing a shortage of drivers. This is reported by De Gelderlander. According to volunteer organizer Elly Joosten, the resulting driver shortage has to do with the rapid growth of the voluntary transport service.

“We are growing a bit at the seams,” Elly Joosten told TaxiPro when asked. “The number of customers is still growing, in terms of drivers it is stable. We always had good growth, but that has stagnated. A number of drivers stopped and hardly any more came. I don’t know exactly what that is about. It may be related to the favorable labor market. In addition, many people have already retired. There will also be a further development soon, but that is not yet official. If that does happen, another vehicle will probably be added.”

Recruit drivers Currently, about eighteen drivers voluntarily drive trips for Buurttransport Heumen. In total, the voluntary transport service has 58 customers. According to Joost, eighteen drivers are still enough for now, but that will soon change, she predicts. The volunteer organizer says it needs at least 21 drivers. “That number is an estimate, based on the rosters as they look now. Plus the growth that is yet to come. Now it’s still quiet, but soon the holidays will start again. Then we simply need that extra manpower.”

When asked how Buurttransport Heumen is going to recruit those seven extra drivers, Joosten replies: “We get a lot of phone calls because of all the reports that appear in the newspaper. That seems to be quite successful”, concludes the volunteer organizer.

Avan Since 58 are residents of the municipality of Heumen without their own transport dependent on the voluntary transport service. In that year, Buurt Vervoer took over all journeys that take place on working days (during the day) from Avan. The latter transport organization will still take care of the other journeys in the relevant municipality.

Neighborhood transport provides rides for daytime activities, but also for social transport. Trips to one of Nijmegen’s hospitals also fall under the voluntary transport service. Buurttransport currently has a wheelchair bus and an electric car. Within the municipal boundaries, users pay 1.05 euros per single journey. For a single ride to one of the hospitals in Nijmegen, users pay 2,50 euros.

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