You may have noticed, the rate for paid parking on the street has gone up. We all have to pay more for a parking space in Scheveningen or in the center. Read more about the new rates here:

We previously reported that you pay more for a parking permit. The permit for the first car is with no less than 42% increased, the permits for a second and third car have also increased. You can read more about this here: parking permit rates 2023

Paid parking rates on the street:

Since January 1, you pay 6, for a parking space on the street in the center of The Hague and Scheveningen euros per hour. You now also pay 6, for a parking space in the Norfolk, Noordelijk Havenhoofd and Zwarte Pad car parks euros. There is a maximum of 13,42 euros per day.

At Scheveningen it was still 4 euros per hour last year and in the center 2,50 or 5 euros.

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Parking at Scheveningen. Photo in the neighborhood

In other parts of Den Hague you pay 2,42 euros per hour, which means for most places an increase of 50 cents.

Would you like to know exactly where you do and do not have to pay for a parking space? Then check the Parking map of the municipality.

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