Due to the continued need for staff, Saturday 4 February between 10.00 and 15.00 a new job market was organized at Schiphol. The job market is a collaboration between Royal Schiphol Group, Aviation Community Schiphol (LCS), UWV, Werkgeversservicepunt (WSP) Greater Amsterdam, the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer and Regional Work Center (RWC) Greater Amsterdam.

More than 40 employers are present to discuss the vacancies. For some companies, the contract is already ready!

Jobs for workers, jobseekers, pupils and students

The job market is intended for employed people, job seekers, students, school leavers, students and former students of MBO schools throughout the Randstad. But in the end, everyone who can and wants to work is welcome at Schiphol, including people with a distance to the labor market.

10Everyone who works at Schiphol works hard every day to give all travelers a good passenger experience. You can expect that from us. We are looking for new colleagues who want to help with this at this fantastic workplace.

40 Esmé Valk, HR director at Royal Schiphol Group


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