For road traffic checks, the police regularly use coaches. This is also the case during the enforcement campaign ‘Eyes on the road’, in the provinces of Zeeland and North Brabant. In this coach, police officers check for various traffic violations, such as driving with a mobile phone in hand. Actions like this will also take place in the relevant provinces in the new year.

“We see that too many road users are still busy with all kinds of other matters than just the focus on the road,” says Amanda Flohr of the province of Zeeland “Therefore, this action is very likely to be continued in 2022. Together we will continue to create awareness about road safety in order to get closer and closer to that ambition of zero road casualties.”

During the enforcement action ‘Eyes on the road’, police officers ride along in a coach to check road users for traffic violations. According to the police, a huge number of violations were detected and fines were issued during these enforcement days. ‘With dot on one is the use of the (smart) phone behind the wheel. More than 90 road users have been stopped for using a smartphone while driving. This concerns more than 10 percent of the total number of fines issued. Unfortunately, the high number of arrests and fines has again shown that it is still necessary to carry out this action,’ according to the police.

Objective According to the police, traffic checks like these are aimed at improving road safety, raising awareness and bringing about behavioral change. An objective that one of the executive companies fully supports. The coach company, which prefers to remain anonymous, is therefore making a number of coaches available to the police again this year. “The goal of making traffic safer is always good, of course,” says the director of the relevant coach company. “But the police are simply one of our clients. We carry out this assignment in accordance with the agreements made with each other. For the time being it is going very well.”

Before the police could use the coach, some adjustments had to be made. “We have complied with this at the request of the police. Furthermore, we cannot say anything about this, because such information is part of the “trusted consultation” between us and the client.”

Inconspicuous The choice of the police to check for traffic violations from a coach does not just come out of the blue. “In a coach you sit much higher, so you can look down into the cars,” explained a spokesperson for the Limburg police. already out against TaxiPro. “In addition, a coach drives faster than a truck, but at the same time we are passed by several passenger cars. This allows us to control a lot. This set-up with the coach is also unobtrusive. This makes it easier for the officers to detect violations.”

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