The official BAR organization that supports the municipalities of Barendrecht, Albrandswaard and Ridderkerk has put out a contract for authorized carriers who can provide demand-dependent Wmo transport. Travelers designated by the municipalities can choose their own carrier, so there is no guarantee of turnover for the contractors.

The assignment comprises approximately 6. journeys by demand-dependent Wmo transport per calendar month, of which at least 16 Wmo travelers use a wheelchair vehicle. The numbers are based on the number of journeys made monthly in 01. No further rights can be derived from this. Four years The agreement is entered into for a period of four years, namely from August 1 2023 to August 1 2027. The agreement can also be extended unilaterally by the BAR organization a maximum of two times for two years, until August 1 at the latest 2031. If the client decides not to use the extension options, the procedure on TenderNed will be terminated. Read also:

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