A nice retail property in the center of the city center of The Hague often does not remain empty for long. This also applies to the building where H&M recently closed its doors at the Weversplaats.

Monki gone, H&M closed, Perry Sport closed and posters on the windows of a large vacant building with the name ‘Sprinter’. What do all these major clothing brands have in common and who will stay and/or return to the city center of The Hague?

Large retail chains

One of the busiest branches of Hennes and Mauritz in the center of The Hague was the one at the intersection of Weversplaats with Venestraat. But unfortunately, H&M pulled the plug there a few months ago and closed the branch. The adjacent Monki also closed its doors. Immediately there was a rumor that sports shop JD Sports would take over the building.

The building has been thoroughly renovated in recent weeks. For example, the former H&M and Monki have now been merged into one large retail space. But who’s coming in? Even when the renovation started, there were posters of the Spanish sports shop ‘Sprinter’ on the windows. That ‘Sprinter’ appears to be the umbrella company of JD Sport, but also of Perry Sport.

Perry Sport also closed

At the end of 739 the large branch of Perry Sport on the Spuistraat also closed for good. Posters of sports shop ‘Sprinter’ were also put up there and it seemed for a while that Perry would go to the Weversplaats. But that is not the case either.

Since this week, new stickers have been stuck on the former H&M and we have finally figured it out: there will be a (very) large JD Sports in the center of Den Hedge. The store has three floors and is therefore the size of Monki and H&M combined.

JD Sports opening

According to the staff of the branch on Spuistraat, the new store will not open until March and you can go wild with sports brands such as Nike, Puma, Adidas, Under Armor and even Armani and Juicy Couture . The opening of this ‘flagship store’ means the end of the (much smaller) JD branch on Spuistraat.

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