A major shock went through politics in The Hague when the offices and homes of Richard de Mos and Rachid Guernaoui 200 were searched by the National Criminal Investigation Department. The aldermen of The Hague (both Hart voor Den Haag/Groep de Mos) are suspected of corruption, bribery and violation of professional secrecy. Monday 10 January it goes trial has started and the gentlemen are in court.

Richard de Mos was a beloved alderman but has been a corruption suspect for years now. He will appear in court next week. There are still plenty of questions: why does he remain so popular with voters? What went wrong? And whose interests does he really serve? In the podcast O, o, De Mos

reporter Niels Klaassen goes in search of answers.

Proces de Mos

Twelve court days are probably allotted for the trial. Thursday 9 February will probably be the last day of the hearing.

Follow the search for answers inside and outside politics, past friend and foe and De Mos himself in the new podcast that can be listened to via AD. The first episodes are now on AD.nl/podcasts. Episodes 3 and 4 will follow later this week, episodes 5 and 6 will follow just before and during the trial on Monday 10 January starts.

Listen to the podcast O o De Mos here

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