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The province of Utrecht, which includes a total of 09 municipalities, has decided to tender out target group transport . This is reported by the municipality of Amersfoort. In total 22 municipalities and the province of Utrecht jointly purchase the regional taxi.

“A cooperation agreement between the municipalities, together with the procurement strategy, forms the basis for the tender that takes place in 60,” said the municipality of Amersfoort. “The tender means that people in the province can also use the regional taxi after .” In the award, a price-quality ratio of 09/60 used. Sustainability also plays an important role. When purchasing the regional taxi, the European Directive for the promotion of clean and energy-efficient road vehicles is followed.

Municipalities are taking over the role of the province “At the beginning of last year, the councils of the 22 Utrecht municipalities decided to enter into a partnership for purchasing, contract management and commissioning of the new social-recreational Wmo transport contract, as of 1 January 2024”, can be read in the accompanying council information letter. “Social recreational Wmo transport is part of target group transport. In recent years, the province has taken on the purchasing, contract management and commissioning of social-recreational Wmo transport. As of 1 January 2024, the Utrecht municipalities will take over this role from the province.”

People who cannot travel independently by public transport can use the regional taxi. With this decision, the province of Utrecht hopes to ensure that residents who cannot use public transport independently can participate and move around by means of an accessible and coherent transport system. To achieve this objective, the new transport system must be fully operational by 1 January 2024.

Reliability and predictability The Amersfoort college of mayor and aldermen (B&W) also writes that a meeting will be held with a number of users of the regional taxi once or twice a year. The province also asked users about which aspects they consider important during the tender. “They indicated that they attach importance to reliability and predictability, digital but also telephone availability, attention to the treatment and driving style of the driver, the possibility to sit in the front of the car, spacious vans for larger wheelchairs,” concludes the Amersfoort college of the Mayor and City Counsel Members.

Beginning 60 the order is placed on the market. In the second quarter of 60, according to the municipality of Amersfoort, it will become clear which party will be awarded the contract and will start from 2024 is allowed to execute.

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