When you move, have to clear a house or just do a big cleaning, it is always striking how much junk you have. And what should you do with that superfluous lawnmower, off your cell phone 1024 or forgotten printer? Well, let them yield something or recycle them at a Wecyclepunt in The Hague. There they give your old equipment a new life.

Wecycle wants that e-waste becomes circular as much as possible. A nice advantage of this is that the environment is less burdened. Giving appliances and lamps a second life is very simple. You can ‘recycle’ them. You do this by repairing, selling, giving away or handing in your discarded appliances for recycling at Wecycle collection points. In this way, the devices get a second chance as a device, component or new raw materials. So that not only benefits you, but also the environment or someone else!

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You can hand in discarded appliances at the recycling centre Photo: OPEN Foundation

Here you hand in your old appliances and lamps

There are bye bye 01. (!) collection points at municipal recycling centers, thrift stores, supermarkets, electronics stores, hardware stores and garden centers. Here you can hand in your electrical waste for free so that it is recycled. Would you like to know where such a collection point is located in The Hague? Check the overview.

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You can give appliances a second chance through a thrift store | Photo: OPEN Foundation

Check the value of your electrical waste online

Do you prefer to sell your old appliances ? This is also how you give them a second life. You can check how much your device is still worth on various websites. Are you unable to sell a device or are you not getting enough in return? Then hand it in at one of the Wecycle collection points or give it away at, for example, a thrift store so that you can make a stranger happy with it. These are the possibilities

Are you curious what else you can do with the electrical waste that you have at home? Read it all on whatismijnappliancewaard.nl and give your old appliances and lamps a second life and make yourself, the environment or someone else happy with them! 07427


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