The VVD Hollands Kroon has asked written questions about the quality of student transport. Photo for illustration.Photo: ANP/Arie Kievit

The local party of the VVD in the municipality of Hollands Kroon wants to know the state of the quality of student transport. The political party wants to know, among other things, where the quality of this transport service can be improved. Party member Petra Borst-Koorn therefore submitted six written questions.

In the Netherlands, the municipalities are responsible for student transport. That is why the VVD wants to get a number of things clearly on the table in the municipality of Hollands Kroon. “We are not so much concerned about student transport,” party member Borst-Koorn told TaxiPro when asked. “But due to a few conversations with residents of our municipality and the letter to the House of Representatives from Minister Dennis Wiersma, we would like to know in a general sense how the quality of student transport within the municipality of Hollands Kroon is developing.”

Reduce travel time Borst-Koorn refers to the letter ‘State of affairs in the implementation of student transport actions’, which Minister Wiersma wrote in December to the House of Representatives in response to the Student Transport Monitor. In this letter, the minister advocated reducing the maximum travel time to a maximum of 45 minutes. Municipalities must also provide a better picture of the current average travel time. “I do not find it acceptable that the travel time is not known at most municipalities”, said Wiersma there at the end of December. “The long travel time is, in addition to a shortage of drivers, one of the biggest bottlenecks in student transport. I expect municipalities to bring this into focus.”

In response to this letter, the VVD in Hollands Kroon wants to know exactly how things are going with regard to student transport. “We are particularly curious about the experiences of parents regarding travel time, customer satisfaction and complaints that are known within the municipality,” says Petra Borst-Koorn. “That is why I put these written questions to the mayor and aldermen on Tuesday.”

Improvements According to the VVD, there are still plenty of points for improvement within student transport in the municipality of Hollands Kroon. “One of the points for improvement suggested by concerned parents concerns the seat belt in the taxi for students with epilepsy. According to them, a four-point belt would be a safer solution than the current three-point belt. In addition, I hear from parents that the single journey time to and from school is very long. At least for more than an hour and a half. We would like further information about this”, concludes Borst-Koorn.

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