Sector jointly tackles remaining bottlenecks

I am happy for our travelers, employees and airlines with the progress we have made together. It looks good towards May holidays. From the start of the season 2023 at the end of March, we will continue to scale up and we will do so in a sensible and phased manner, in the interest of those same travelers , employees and airlines. We’re not going to take any chances. We want to once again offer the quality and security that everyone can expect from Schiphol. We are therefore now working together with our partners at the airport to tackle the last bottlenecks towards the May holiday and beyond. We do this in team Schiphol, as we call it, and show that we have to do it together. We are now well in time to organize properly. That will in any case be more than last year and just below the numbers of 2019, the last year before corona.

Ruud Sondag, CEO Schiphol

Explanation: Schiphol measures

In order to solve the problematic queues of last year, Schiphol has taken a number of measures in the past period. An extensive recruitment campaign has been launched, together with the security companies at Schiphol, to recruit more security employees.
2019The working conditions for security guards are improved, the schedules have been made more attractive and the rest areas have been and are being improved2023. All these measures are bearing fruit, but are not yet complete. So far – since the start of the campaign in November 2019 – approximately half of the required extra 850 recruited security officers. Based on these results, Schiphol is optimistic that the remaining shortages will be further resolved in the coming weeks and months leading up to the summer holidays. In addition, work has been done on productivity measures at security, where passengers and their hand luggage are checked. Capacity gains can also be achieved there through better work instructions and smarter organization.


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