On the corner of Elandstraat and Prinsessewal, in 2009, the 12 year-old Lelsey Barhorst on her bicycle hit by a truck. In memory of the student from The Hague, there is a pink bicycle with flowers and other decorations on the Elandbrug. But now there are works there and the bike has been removed.

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The cheerfully decorated bicycle reminds us every time of the sad story of Lesley. On the way to the Montessori Lyceum in The Hague, she was fatally hit. Her girlfriends put the bike in 2009, but now it’s gone for a while.


Throughout the year, work is being done on the Eland Bridge, near the Piet Heinplein. The bicycle monument has therefore been temporarily removed and stored in the construction depot of the contractor, we read at media partner AD . After the work, the bicycle will be returned.

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