If you were to ask a child what he or she would most like to be when he grows up, the answer would often be a firefighter! Not surprising when you think about it: as a firefighter and firefighter you actually have a kind of hero status. At Haaglanden Fire Brigade they are looking for fire fighters to join the team.

When you start working for the fire brigade, no day is the same. Whether you are extinguishing a fire, helping with a traffic accident or storm damage and disaster relief: you are always busy helping your fellow man.

What are you going to do?

As a firefighter or firefighter you are dynamic. This means that your work is never actually the same. You work in shifts of hours. During these shifts you are ready to extinguish fires and assist in accidents or rescues in the water after, for example, a vehicle has ended up in the water.

This not only makes the work exciting, but also human and diverse. Where one day you help someone who is trapped in an elevator, the next day you may just come to the rescue of a trapped motorist.

Image: Fire Brigade Haaglanden

What do you have to wear meet?

Working at the fire service is not something you do just like that. There are a number of requirements that you must meet! For example, you must be in good physical condition, be socially involved, have good empathy and be prepared to give the full 100% to give.

Being in top physical condition is important, but empathy and collegiality are just as important. During your shift work you spend a lot of time with colleagues and you do everything together: from cooking together to helping people in need. You have to be able to count on each other and be a real team player. After all, together you are stronger!

Connecting hobbies

You will undergo various tests during the application. Here it is examined whether you have what it takes to become a firefighter or firefighter. Can you handle the pressure? Do you have the willpower? Do you have enough puff in you?

Although the tests are decisive, your hobbies may come in handy. Do you have an affinity with technology or do you have a technical background? Then you are certainly encouraged to come and apply.

Image: Fire Brigade Haaglanden

Application procedure

*)The application procedure is strict. For example, you are challenged in an outdoor camp where you do assignments with other applicants. This is how you perform under pressure. In addition, there is a sports test to check your fitness and perseverance.

There is also an assessment day in which you have a selection interview with four employees of the fire brigade. Here you can tell us about your motivations for joining the fire service. Finally, there is a psychological test and a fear of fear test to see if you have the right competences and no limiting phobias.

It sounds intense, but it is necessary. If you come to work for the fire brigade, you always have to be sharp!

I want to work for the fire brigade!

Is a job as a firefighter or firefighter made for you? Fire Brigade Haaglanden is looking for colleagues to strengthen their team. Apply now and see if you are up to this challenge!



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