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The faction of the Labor Party (PvdA) in Katwijk has submitted a motion for travelers who use the Regiotaxi at night. Since 1 January there is a new provider of this transport service. It has decided to scrap night rides. According to the PvdA, about twenty residents use such rides. The party believes that a solution must be found for those people, such as subsidized night transport.

“We believe that Katwijk should be barrier-free for everyone and that you should always be able to participate in society, no matter who you are,” party chairman Matthijs van Tuijl began his speech in the Katwijk city council. According to Van Tuijl, that has not been the case since the beginning of this year.

Since January 1, a new carrier has been responsible for the Regiotaxi in the municipality of Katwijk. The new carrier no longer carries out rides at night, which means that users can no longer use the Regiotaxi during the night hours. ‘The ability to be between 01: 00 and 06: 00 traveling at night will no longer be possible for people who in some cases depend on the Regiotaxi for affordable and accessible transport. the motion.

Tailor-made solution Answers to informative questions asked by the PvdA show that last year 21 people used the Regiotaxi during the night hours. Despite the relatively small number of night rides, the party still wants a solution for this, because they believe there is no subsidized alternative for night transport in Katwijk. Residents are therefore at the mercy of more expensive, private taxi services, the party argues. “Everyone has the right to transport. Also the small number of people who make night rides with the Regiotaxi”, is Van Tuijl’s opinion. “Precisely because it concerns a small group of people, a tailor-made solution must be possible.”

The PvdA therefore submitted a motion last Thursday. The motion calls on the mayor and aldermen (B&W) to develop a customized solution within Holland Rijnland (a partnership between various municipalities) that will make night transport possible again for travelers with a Wmo indication. If that does not work, the party wants to make subsidized night transport possible in the municipality of Katwijk. According to the PvdA, the costs of this transport option may not exceed those of the Regiotaxi.

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