How wonderful it is to get a breath of fresh air at Scheveningen. Just up and down the heads and you feel reborn. During a walk in the wind we just ran into large sand mountains. Coincidentally, marram grass was just planned on it. Why are those mountains there? We’ll figure it out.

At the temporary parking lot next to the koppes there are a few large sand mountains, and those are not caused by the wind. Fortunately, a spokesperson for the municipality can help us quickly.

Parking garage

The Northern harbor head of Scheveningen will be completely redecorated. The dunes along the beach road have been dug away, because there will be a large parking garage with 472 spaces. Pavilions for shops and restaurants will be built on top of the garage. There will also be holiday apartments with space for shops and restaurants underneath.

Zandbergen Scheveningen. Photo in the neighborhood

Until the Northern Harbor Head project is finished, the sand bumps, which is a temporary sand depot. Once the pavilions and the garage are finished, the sand will be returned to those dunes. That will be somewhere in 2024.

Marram grass has been applied to the sand hills to prevent the sand from drifting. As a result, the environment is less affected and this ensures that the depot is preserved as well as possible. “It would not be so nice if a large part of the sand was blown away, while you need it to replenish the parking garage,” said the spokesman for the municipality.

Oh yes, as soon as the parking garage is ready, not only will the sand mountains disappear, but the temporary parking lot on the northern beach will also disappear.

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