Published: 16 January 2023Modified: 16 January 2023

The Hague Municipal Executive would like to be reachable and approachable for residents and businesses. And it would like to listen to concerns and take action before these concerns become problems. This is why the mayor and aldermen will be visiting all of the city districts in The Hague together this spring.

The 1st visit was to the Leidschenveen-Ypenburg city district on Tuesday, 10 January. Look below when the mayor and aldermen will be visiting the other city districts:

City district Date Haagse Hout 24 January 2023 Segbroek 7 February 2023 Escamp 21 February 2023 and 7 March 2023 Centrum 21 March 2023 and 4 April 2023 Laak 18 April 2023 Loosduinen 9 May 2023 Scheveningen 23 May 2023 A separate announcement will be made in advance for each city district. There you will find information on how you to register for the session.

The Municipal Executive during the 1st information evening in Leidschenveen-Ypenburg


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