15 January 2023, by Victoria Séveno

We might only be two weeks into 2023, but those who are unlucky enough to suffer from hay fever might have already started experiencing symptoms, as the unseasonably warm weather means the hazel tree is blooming earlier than normal. 

Hazel and alder trees already blooming across the Netherlands

Hay fever season typically kicks off in March, but the mild autumn and recent bout of unseasonable temperatures mean that countries across Europe – including Germany, Switzerland and, yes, the Netherlands – are already seeing the first signs of spring. 

While the hazel tree is already known to be one of the first to bloom, generally flowering in mid-February, trees across the Netherlands are already releasing their pollen into the air. Alders, which are similar in appearance to hazel trees, are also beginning to bloom, further adding to the troubles of hay fever sufferers.

Thumb: Jacqueline van Kerkhof via Shutterstock.

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