Last year there are more than 9. people in The Hague recovered. Currently living here 562 .501 people. For the municipality, this growing number of residents is a reason to make the parking permit more expensive, according to our colleagues from media partner AD.

In 2022 you paid for a parking permit for the first car in The Hague 66,60 euros. Now this costs 68 euros per twelve months.

Parking permit in The Hague

A permit for so a car goes with 20,36 euros up. The permit for a second car has also been increased, but a lot less. You pay for it now 314, 20 euro, that was last year 294,200 euros and for a third car you pay 752,76 euros per 12 months instead of 562,60 euros.

Paid parking does not yet apply everywhere in The Hague, but that won’t be long now. In the coalition agreement, this stands for 2023 you in almost all neighbourhoods have to pay for a parking space.

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