Although it seems spring now (and autumn and winter at the same time), it is not yet really weather for a terrace or outdoor activity. Nevertheless, we can already inform you when the first food truck festival of this new year is coming. And that’s faster than you think.

Are you hungry for good food and drinks? Rrrolling, one of the most famous food truck festivals, is coming to The Hague with a special winter edition.

Rrolling on the Lange Voorhout

From Wednesday From 1 March to Sunday 5 March, various food trucks with food and drinks will be on the Lange Voorhout in The Hague. It’s a winter edition, so that means mulled wine and hot chocolate for five days.

Rolling is looking forward to it, they promise: ‘We will transform this picturesque part of the city into a winter wonder paradise with wonderful winter food trucks.’

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