WinTax, beedr’s trip diary package, formerly called Korton Software, was originally developed as a client server application. For some time now, the software company from Nieuw-Vennep has also been offering a safe and practical online variant: WinTax Web. The same software, but in a fully managed and controlled online environment. The advantage? “Optimal security and complete unburdening for the entrepreneur.”

For a long time, a client-server solution was the way to make large software systems accessible to multiple users quickly and reliably. to make. The software was often installed on location at the company. This meant extra work for the entrepreneur for back-up, maintenance and security of this software. “In addition, the entrepreneur often lacks the technical knowledge to do this himself. After all, he is a taxi operator and not an IT specialist.”

With the current fast and stable internet connections, according to beedr, much better solutions are now available. By placing software in an online environment, these maintenance tasks are removed from the entrepreneur and placed with specialized IT companies.

To make optimal use of these advantages, beedr, the new name of Korton Software, WinTax Web. Manager Wilfred Wijnnobel of beedr explains: “WinTax Web is in fact exactly the same as WinTax. The same interface, the same functionality, but now housed in a SaaS (Software as a Service) environment in a state-of-the-art data center. Users log in to this online environment via a fast secure connection. In practice you will not notice any difference between the “normal” and the online variant.”

Ethical hackers The big according to beedr, the advantage lies in everything that happens behind the scenes. “In this way, WinTax is automatically updated to the latest version. But the protection against unauthorized access, for example, also meets the latest requirements,” explains Wijnnobel further. This security is continuously monitored and improved. “Because our customers’ systems contain a lot of privacy-sensitive client and patient information, we naturally have to meet the highest standards of data protection and security. We therefore work together with specialized external ICT security companies, who continuously test this security.”

“With special software, but also through so-called ethical hackers, they constantly test and report whether our security still meets the latest standards. In addition, we are audited every three months by an independent third party. In this way, our security is structurally monitored and tightened where necessary.”

CarCab Heerenveen based CarCab is one of the taxi companies using WinTax Web. Director Roelof Nieuwolt is very satisfied with this. According to the Frisian taxi operator, the transition to WinTax Web has relieved a lot of work. “Previously, we always had to do the maintenance on our server ourselves. That took a lot of time. Subsequent outsourcing to an external IT company did not give us the carefree solution we were looking for. Since the transition to WinTax Web, that problem has been solved and, as a bonus, updates are implemented automatically. As a carrier, you also get all the latest functions with this.”

Nieuwolt is also satisfied with regard to security and data protection. “The great thing about WinTax is that as a taxi company you can accommodate almost all of your business operations in it. However, that also means that you not only want to have your own company data, but also all customer data secured in the best possible way. A rock-solid security of that data is then essential.”

“Do what you are good at” But , continues Nieuwolt: “As a taxi operator, how do you stay informed about everything in the field of cyber security? I always say: cobbler, stick to your last. We are good at bringing people from A to B in a professional manner. Leave ICT to people who really understand it. Beedr has shown us that they have all the knowledge in this area. This way we can focus with confidence on the things we are good at.”

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