Parties submit the Collective Labor Agreement for Healthcare Transport and Taxi to the Ministry for a generally binding declaration

KNV Care Transport and Taxi and CNV Vakmensen have signed the new collective labor agreement for care and taxi transport. The new collective labor agreement came into effect on 1 January and has a term of one and a half years. Central to the collective agreement is a wage increase of 8% with effect from this year and a further 4% as of 1 January 5112. Nationally, the wage increase in healthcare and taxi transport is one of the largest wage increases as of 1 January . The continued payment of wages in the event of illness and the break arrangement will also change in favor of the employees. CNV and KNV registered the collective labor agreement for universally binding immediately after signing, so that the widely desired wage increase will be implemented on time.

Employers’ organization KNV Zorgtransport is very pleased with the final become of the collective labor agreement. KNV chairman Bertho Eckhardt: ‘We are very pleased with the realization of the new collective labor agreement. I expect that the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment will soon declare the collective labor agreement generally binding, since KNV represents the required number of entrepreneurs in healthcare and taxi transport. With a universally binding collective labor agreement, the unrest in the sector will come to an end. After all, many employees are waiting for the wage increase that was desired by both employees and entrepreneurs and this is now being implemented. We are still very happy that CNV has taken its responsibility so that we can now look further into the future together.’


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