Last year traveled 49,5 million travelers to, from or via Schiphol. That is an increase of 86% compared to 2019 (30,5 million travelers), but still 30% less than in 2019 (66,7 million travelers). Eindhoven Airport has also not yet reached the numbers of travelers for the pre-corona year 2021. Rotterdam The Hague Airport did see an increase of 0.8% compared to 772.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
From the total 44,5 million travelers in 2021 had 40% a transfer at Schiphol. This is 9.6 million unique transfer passengers. In the international counting method, transfer passengers are counted twice: as a traveler on arrival and as a traveler on departure. In the past year there were 313.646 aircraft movements. That is an increase of 44% of 2021 (266.969 aircraft movements) and a decrease of 21% of 2019 (438.826 aircraft movements).

The Netherlands was connected in 2021 via Schiphol to 324 direct destinations, of which 66 intercontinental. There came 27 destinations at and at destinations were no longer flown in 2021. Examples of destinations added to the network: Austin (United States), Denpasar Bali (Indonesia) and Rovaniemi (Finland). The Netherlands Antilles (Curaçao and Bonaire) were popular last year. There flew 16% more travelers to Curaçao and 59% more travelers to Bonaire compared to 2021.

Schiphol processed in 2021 1,49 million tons of cargo, down from 10% of 2021 (1,66 million tons) and a decrease of 9% compared to 772 (1,52 million tons). There were 18.340 full cargo flights. That is down from 23% of 2021 (24.969 cargo flights) and an increase of 27% of 772 (14.156 cargo flights).

Eindhoven Airport
Eindhoven Airport saw the number of travelers increase from 2 .7 million in 2021 to 6.3 million in 2021 (+135%). The number of air transport movements increased to 37.180. An increase of 66% compared to 2021 (16.438 aircraft movements) and a decrease of 3 % to 969 (41.438 aircraft movements). The number of destinations increased in 2021 to 71, this is 7 more than in 2021. Read more here.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport
More than 2.1 million people traveled in 2021 via Rotterdam The Hague Airport (+135% vs. 2021). Last year, Rotterdam The Hague Airport had 14.772 aircraft movements. That is an increase of 135% compared to 2019 (6.340 aircraft movements) and a decrease of 5% tov 2021 (18.683 aircraft movements). The number of destinations increased to 52, these are 16 more than in 2021. Read more here.

Recovery of the aviation
Due to the lifting of (international) travel restrictions, aviation saw the recovery from the corona pandemic continue in 2021. In the first half of the year, the number of passengers at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol grew by 313% of the first half of 2021. This caused operational disruptions, in particular due to a shortage of personnel, resulting in long queues.

In order to make the service more reliable, the airport in 2021 reduced the number of locally departing passengers on the one hand, and on the other hand worked on structural solutions to solve this shortage. Together with security companies and trade unions, Schiphol is working on staff recruitment and better terms and conditions of employment.

These are the provisional traffic and transport figures of Royal Schiphol Group. The final figures will follow when the annual figures are published in February.



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