Two taxi vans of passenger transporter Geerets De Leeuw fell victim to street violations at the Molenbusses in Blerick on Wednesday. Omroep Venlo reports this. Those responsible had deflated the tires of the vans, so that no passengers could be transported on Wednesday morning.

The transport company from Ospel provides, among other things, student transport in the North Limburg region. Several students had to be brought to school in a different way due to the incident. “But we have all kinds of protocols for that,” a Geerets de Leeuw board member told TaxiPro when asked. “We immediately called the parents of the students in question. Some of the children were ultimately taken to school by the parents themselves. Another part was half an hour later at school. We have arranged replacement transport for them.”

Report According to Geerets de Leeuw, the valves of the tires have been broken which deflated the tires. Broadcasting Venlo reports that one of the two drivers has filed an online report with the police. However, the Ospel transport company does not want to make the issue bigger than it is. “We inflated the tires and both vehicles are back on the road. In fact, it is a storm in a teacup.”

Cameras When asked what transport companies can do to prevent this kind of To prevent issues as much as possible, the board member replies: “Park the car in a place where there are cameras. That scares. And try to park the car in sight as much as possible. You can’t do much more about it.”

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