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Elderly lady is being driven by driver helped in the taxi. Photo for illustration.Photo: ANP/George Mollering Den Helder’s decision to pay the own journey contribution of the Wmo taxi transport and to reimburse it, costs the municipality 19.00 euros. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen (B&W) writes this in a letter to the city council. The Board indicates that it has refunded the personal contribution of more than a thousand Wmo users.

“We recently refunded the amount paid to 2022 residents who use Wmo taxi transport and who have previously paid the one-euro journey contribution,” the council writes. “They have received a letter about this. The total amount refunded is € 19.56,30.”

At the same time, the Municipal Executive indicates that the personal journey contribution has not yet been refunded to everyone’s bank account. There are a total of eighteen Wmo users. “This is because the bank account numbers known to us are no longer active,” the board explains. “The total amount still to be refunded is € 56,.”

Motion In September last year it was announced that the municipality of Den Helder has decided to scrap the personal journey contribution of one euro. That had to do with a motion that was tabled on March 7. This motion called on the Municipal Executive to immediately scrap the personal journey contribution. “We are trying to implement the motion in full. Therefore, the invoiced ride fees already paid by our residents will be reversed in full”, said the college about that at the time.

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