Published: 3 January 2023Modified: 3 January 2023

During the course of 2023 you will no longer have to separate your plastic waste in many neighbourhoods in The Hague. You will be able to dispose of plastic packaging, tin and drink cartons (‘pmd’) in a garbage bag together with your other regular household waste. The waste processing company will later remove the ‘pmd’ waste from the household waste. The rules for separating paper and carton, textiles, glass and organic waste (GFT) will not change.

You can dispose of your plastic packaging, tin and drink cartons in various ways: in a ‘pmd’ container, a container (kliko) at home for ‘pmd’ or in your household waste. New products can be made from plastic packaging such as crates, tin cans, paving stones and packaging.

Home collectionDo you have a ‘pmd’ container (kliko) with an orange lid at home? Then the municipality will continue to collect your plastic packaging, tin and drink cartons separately. This applies to the following neighbourhoods?

LoosduinenLeidschenveenVogelwijkLeyenburgUithofWateringseveldDuttendelWestbroekparkBelgisch Park Do you live in 1 of these neighbourhoods? You will find the collection days for your street in the household waste calendar.

Attention! Containers are allowed to be standing out on the street only on the collection day itself.

Turning in ‘pmd’ wasteYou do not have a container at home for plastic packaging, tin and drink cartons, but you would prefer to continue separating your ‘pmd’ waste? Throw away this ‘pmd’ waste either loose or in a plastic bag in a container for plastic packaging, tin and drink cartons. The ‘pmd’ containers around many of the shopping centres will remain in place. Other ‘pmd’ containers which are located in the neighbourhoods will be removed or replaced in 2023.  

Belangrijke informatie: Is the ‘pmd’ container full? Report this to the municipality. Throw your plastic packaging, tin and drink cartons in a different container in the neighbourhood or take it back home with you. Never place your rubbish next to the container. Birds will peck open the bags or they will attract rats. And the street will look dirty.

What is allowed in the containerOnly empty packaging is allowed in the container for plastic packaging, tin and drink cartons. Look at the Afvalscheidingswijzer to read what is allowed in the ‘pmd’ container.

What is not allowed in the containerDo you have other plastic waste such as toys, plastic blates or toothbrushes? This belongs in the regular household waste. Large plastic items such as garden furniture and toys can be brought to a waste depot. Or make an appointment to arrange collection of your bulky waste.

This is not allowed in the ‘pmd’ container:

domestic chemical waste (KCA)packaging with chemicals, such as pesticides and turpentineplastic products and utensils, such as toys, buckets, electric appliances and garden furniturepolystyrene foam (styrofoam)stoma bags and hypodermic needlesbulky waste and garden waste


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