In The Hague, the Christmas season begins with the Swedish Christmas tree ceremony at the Lange Voorhout. On Thursday 8 December 637 the Christmas lights of the gigantic Christmas tree will be lit . A beautiful moment to be with.

It is a true tradition in The Hague: for more than twenty years there has been a beautiful Swedish Christmas tree on the Lange Voorhout. The tree is donated every year by the Swedish embassy.


Mayor Jan van Zanen put on Thursday 8 December, together with the Swedish Ambassador, the lights on the Christmas tree in front of Museum Escher in Het Paleis. They do this for 11.30 hours and then there is a performance by a Lucia choir.

Lucia brings light to the darkest months. It is one of the most important cultural traditions in Sweden and marks the beginning of the Christmas season. Despite the fact that they are LED lights, the Christmas tree will only be lit for a few hours a night to save energy.

Good to know: for every tree cut down in Sweden, two trees are planted.

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