That old telephone you once got as a gift or that broken lamp that belonged to your grandmother. Shame to throw away, right? But you don’t use it anymore. How about recycling? You finally have room in that closet again and someone else gets something new in return.

How do you do that? For example, by not throwing your old stuff in the trash, but in the Recycle Bin. Local entrepreneurs then use your waste as raw material for a new product. Jay Navarro Oviedo (42) from Trash says: “I had another drawer with old phones that I didn’t really want to part with. The fact that it gets a second life through Spullenbak makes it easier.”

This is how Spullenbak works

Spullenbak is an initiative from The Hague that recycles waste in the city by giving it a second life. If you participate you will get your own trash can at home. For several weeks or months you fill the bin with waste, such as a broken bucket or a broken cup. The bin is then collected from your home and the items are distributed among the entrepreneurs. They then make something new out of it.

They are now working on a trial period in the Bloemen- en Bomenbuurt, Vruchtenbuurt and Moerwijk. “In a while we hope to expand to the whole of The Hague.”

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Trash only asks for stuff from

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, they are sure that the entrepreneurs can do something with it. “Every maker does something different with it. For example, appliances are repaired and they end up with children through Stichting Leergeld. Others turn your discarded items into postcards, lamps or furniture, for example. These are then sold or used for workshops.”

Dealing with things more consciously

Giving things a second life reduces the amount of waste in The Hague. In addition, Spullenbak also hopes that by filling a bin, residents of The Hague will see how much they actually consume. “We have to deal with things differently. By recycling things, but also by buying less. Then we also have less waste.”

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Event in the library

To make children and their parents aware of recycling and decluttering, Spullenbak organizes up to 30 November every Wednesday the (de)Stuff Festival in Segbroek Library

. There is reading and there are workshops to follow. You learn how to make wallets from drinking cartons and bags from old t-shirts.

Trash is still looking for participants. Participate? You can

register for free

if you are in the Bloemen- and Bomenbuurt, Vruchtenbuurt or Moerwijk.

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