Living in a sustainable neighborhood with the friendly atmosphere of the old Pijnacker? That is possible in Tuindershof. A small-scale, green neighborhood where you will find everything you need. Phase 3a is now on sale and good news: there are still a number of homes available!

Diversity is key in the neighborhood of phase 3a . It is playfully decorated, nice and green and every house is different. This gives the neighborhood a village atmosphere. In Tuindershof it is wonderful to come home!

Chic mansions and terraced houses

In the third phase there are still a number of homes for sale. How about a Mansion, for example? These houses are beautifully situated on a courtyard, the water or on a green park-like avenue and they all have their own look. The Mansions vary in size from 134 to 150 square meters and are nice and wide.

The Rijwoningen type B are also still available. These houses are conveniently located in the district on the watercourse or the green service road and are equipped with beautiful details and a lovely garden. The available Terraced Houses have an area between 134 and 143 square meter. Enough space!

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Energy efficient

A nice side effect of living in a newly built house in Tuindershof: you have a low energy bill! The houses are super well insulated, gas-free, equipped with solar panels and connected to a sustainable heating and cooling system.


*)When you drive into the neighborhood, the green character is immediately noticeable. Here you can relax as you walk through the green lanes and along the water. Children can play peacefully in the village-like, car-free streets and the natural playgrounds of Tuindershof. A nice place to live for young and old!

Climate-adaptive solutions are also taken into account. Rainwater runs to the watercourses as much as possible and the greenery in the intermediate streets is lowered so that water can also flow there. Parking spaces are also provided with grass tiles.

Perfect location

You can reach the cozy center of Pijnacker within no-time and extensive shopping can be done in shopping center De Ackershof. Also handy: primary schools, sports clubs and childcare are all within walking or cycling distance.

Are you a nature lover? You’re good here. You can be in the Balijbos or the Bieslandse bos in no time. Those who are ready for a bit more liveliness and, for example, want to eat a snack outside the door, can cycle into the center in no time. You can also reach major cities such as The Hague and Rotterdam within 11 minutes by train. Ideal!

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Interieur herenhuis TuindershofInterieur herenhuis TuindershofInterieur herenhuis Tuindershof

Interior impression of a mansion | Image: Tuindershof

Find your dream home

Have you become enthusiastic and do you see yourself living in one of the beautiful, unique houses of Tuindershof? View the available properties here and easily request an option!


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