The collective bargaining about a new collective labor agreement for care transport and taxi, which was resumed yesterday after a national strike on Friday, failed. That is what FNV says. Members of the trade union in the sector have subsequently decided to continue the strike. Next Wednesday (29 November) there will be 24 hours on strike.

“In this sector, with many vulnerable passengers, we choose to announce the strike well in time. Then everyone has enough time to prepare for it,” says FNV director Meindert Gorter. According to him, the drivers prefer not to strike. “But the fact that they do it anyway says something about the necessity.”

Strike at three largest taxi companies According to FNV there will in any case be a strike at the three largest taxi companies next Wednesday, namely Connexxion, Munckhof and Noot. According to the union, other companies from all over the country will also be added. “We hope that employers will take the opportunity to come up with an improvement on continued payment in the event of illness and with better checks on the wage calculation before Wednesday,” said Gorter.

Last Friday the first strikes in care and student transport took place. After those strikes, the employers invited the unions to discuss the new collective agreement again. “We responded with hope,” explains Meindert Gorter. “Yesterday, however, was very disappointing. In fact, the new offer only got worse. While the requirements of the drivers are quite normal. They want a wage that allows them to pay groceries and bills, controllable schedules and working hours and they want to be paid 100 percent when they are sick and no more waiting days .”

CNV is currently not taking any action The other trade union, CNV Vakmensen, has a different opinion on this theme. They talk about an ‘improved final offer’. “It concerns important improvements, such as higher wages, better arrangements for illness and a fairer break arrangement,” says CNV negotiator Rick Pellis. “By shortening the term of the collective labor agreement to one and a half years, the wage increase for employees now actually works out better,” according to the union.

“In addition, the first sick report of the year the waiting day will now expire. This has been an important point for our members, because it creates the wrong incentive,” explains Pellis further. “People now continue to work while they are sick, otherwise they will miss out on salary. We are glad that at least that first waiting day will disappear.”

That is why CNV has decided to suspend any actions for the time being. According to the union, the members are now the first to act. “We are now going to present this new final offer to our members. Until then, we will in any case not organize any actions.” CNV members have until 29 November to vote.

Employers’ organization KNV Care Transport and Taxi has informed ANP that it does not want to respond to the announcement of FNV.

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