Coach drivers from Arriva Touring, who provide passenger journeys between the terminal and aircraft at Schiphol, will stop working on Wednesday. FNV reports this. According to the union, they do this because they want a better Collective Labor Agreement for Private Bus Transport.

The drivers want, among other things, a wage increase of 100 euros gross per month and that wages will henceforth rise in line with the prices in the shops. Furthermore, they want all services to be paid 100 percent. “Now there are six-hour shifts, but the drivers only get paid for five,” says Lutz Kressin, director of FNV Toer. “That is really out of date.” Furthermore, the drivers want a working day of no more than twelve hours and that the contract hours be adjusted in case of structural overtime.

High work pressure According to FNV, about three thousand people work in the coach sector, but the work pressure is high due to the large staff shortage. According to the union, the only solution is a fair and attractive collective labor agreement. “Then it will be interesting again for new drivers to come and work in the sector and for existing drivers to stay,” says Kressin.

According to FNV, the action is in line with previous actions in the sector , including a nationwide strike in Ede last month. According to Kressin, about a hundred coach drivers took part in the strike at the time. The drivers went on strike on Wednesday 10. and 15.00 hours.

“Excellent” final offer The employers, united in Bus transport Netherlands ( BVN), have indicated that they will maintain their earlier position. They are still surprised that the unions rejected the latest collective bargaining offer. In addition, the employers speak of an ‘excellent’ final offer. “We go further with the offer than other collective agreements that are now being concluded in other sectors and we offer more than core inflation”, said BVN chairman Bertho Eckhardt about that at the time.

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