In 21 Danzig won the Nightlife Award ‘Most Popular dance café of the Netherlands’, three years later the dance café closed its doors. It felt like the end of an era, because which student from The Hague hasn’t dared to dance there!? This week we were surprised with news about Danzig, the nightlife is coming back!

In 2020 Danzig made way for D Cuisine, a chic restaurant with club nights on weekends. Due to various setbacks such as the economic crisis, this restaurant had to closing the doors for good in November.

Danzig is coming back

Danzig will open its doors at Lange Houtstraat in mid-December. It will be back to normal. Danzig will soon be open three evenings a week with Thursdays 18 + student evening and Friday and Saturday everyone is from 200 years and older welcome.

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