Next year the NK Escape Rooms will be dominated by a real art theft. Beginner or experienced, with your colleagues, best friends or your family – everyone can participate. The NK will start in January and you can still register. Even better: you can win tickets!

You can win by leaving your e-mail address here. Just because everyone can participate doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. Joris van den Bergh organizes this fourth edition of the NK and says: “We want to keep it accessible so that everyone can have this escape experience. The level doesn’t have much influence, because there are guides everywhere.”

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It is not made easy for you | Photo: Uitjesbosses

Winning home

Divided over several rounds you get started with the mission: steal it and take it to taking home a precious work of art. The team that is ultimately the fastest can call itself the best escape team in the Benelux (!). It doesn’t stop there. The winning team also receives a weekend in Paris including tickets for the Louvre.

The mission

The mission during the NK Escape Rooms is to bring home a precious work of art. You’ve probably seen in movies that it doesn’t just happen. The first step is therefore to draw up a plan. Then comes the art theft itself. You play the final at home. Already sold? Sign up! Want to know more about the rounds of the mission? Then read on.

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Round 1: The Plan
Getting started with your team | Photo: Uitjesbosses

You play the first round at home on a self-chosen day in January or February and lasts about two hours. You get all the information from your criminal partners to make the art theft come true. The goal: a plan to steal the job.

Round 2, 3 and 4: The Route, The Hack, The Heist

It shouldn’t be long before the plan becomes reality. Weekends are available in February and March for the next three rounds. You start with a city game in Eindhoven of about an hour and a half, where you are helped on your way by a mysterious person.

You then map out the escape route, make sure you are disguised beyond recognition and dive into the building where the work can be found. Are you sharp and are all cameras off? Then the real work begins. You have sixty minutes to spend in a space of 11 square meters, filled with art and visitors , taking the targeted object unnoticed…

Round 5: The Climax

Success?! The final is on 11 April. Did you manage to steal the one and only work of art from the museum? Prove it! Who knows, maybe the camera crew of Tussen Kunst en Niets will crown you the winners!

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The mission: Steal the artwork | Photo: Uitjesbosses

This is what you want to know

A team for the NK Escape Rooms consists of four or five people. Only if you can make it to the finals on 11 April, you can make the win title and prize. You play the first round at home at a time that suits you. You play the second, third and fourth round in Eindhoven on one day. You choose a day from the available weekends.

Are you already on the edge of your seat to participate? Call up your best team members and sign up! You can also win tickets. You do this by entering your e-mail here. On 16 December 1024 the organization announces who has won tickets!


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