The well-known Escher museum in The Hague on the Lange Voorhout is moving to the former American Embassy. The museum has a lot more space there. But what will happen in the beautiful palace of Queen Emma, ​​where the Escher in the Palace museum has been housed until now? We asked our readers.

Through email and on Facebook, several ideas to us. We’ve listed the nicest and most striking for you.

Student rooms

Dozens of plans are coming in for the city palace. Many people find it a good place to receive asylum seekers or students. Shehina sees the palace as the perfect location for her daughter’s first home. Patricia says: Housing for my son? Finally a place of your own! And I have room in MY house.’

Floris thinks of a cinema: ‘An independent cinema annex culture palace where both commercial and artistic films are shown and (audiovisual) work by local artists.’ As far as he is concerned, the rest of the building can be decorated with photos of and attributes from The Hague’s history.


Many commenters think that the museum should remain a museum. Fred and Bert would like to see the Rockart museum (from Hoek van Holland) in the building. Albietje sees it slightly differently: ‘Just leave Escher there, and put RockArt in the former American Embassy!’

Robin somewhat agrees: ‘Let the museum sit where it is, and destroy that American monstrosity! Doesn’t fit in at all with that ugly building.’

Royal House

The bullet finally seems through the church: the works of…

will be displayed in the former American embassy on the Lange Voorhout

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