The Sinterklaas dollhouse by René Dijkhuizen can be found again in the Scheveningen Doornstraat since this week. The work of art is at number 200 to be admired.

Children and their parents visit the Doornstraat in large numbers every year. Then you hear a lot of ‘oh’s’ and ‘ah’s’ again, out of admiration for the great work that René Dijkhuizen puts into his own Sinterklaas dollhouse.

How did René come up with the idea for this annual tradition? “For more than 25 I have been working in the entertainment industry for years. From presentation and acting jobs to inventing and designing props and sets. Including on scale models for shows and TV programs. Hence the Sinterklaas doll’s house, which I love to put my time into every year.”

The Sinterklaas doll’s house can be admired for the third consecutive year in the Doornstraat in Scheveningen. Until December 5 to be exact, then followed by Santa’s winter dollhouse.