Litha was brought into the shelter of the Haags Dierencentrum after she was left behind at a supermarket. She was very thin then. She is still not quite on weight yet, a nice home with lots of love will certainly help her to eat better.

Litha finds unknown people and new situations very scary . With a lot of patience, her caretakers have been able to gain her trust little by little. People she doesn’t know will have to show her with the same patience that she is worthy of her trust. Once you have her trust, you will see a very sweet, cuddly dog.


Litha was very thin when she entered the animal center. Despite weekly checks at the vet, and a lot of love from all employees, it remains a challenge to get her to eat well. It is now really time for a nice home, with people who get her food with the same love!

To get her used to people and in the hope that she will eat better, she is regularly visited the office of the dog department during the day. She loves to chill there in a nice chair or cozy on her lap. Except for a single pee, she has been potty trained at the office. They don’t know if she was taught by her previous owner to stay home alone. Litha is variable with other dogs. One likes them, the other doesn’t.

In the kennel Litha lives during the day with another bitch. She finds it very pleasant to play together and lie in a basket. Because they notice that Litha gets a lot of support from another dog, they are looking for a home for her where another social dog already lives.


Would you like more information about her after reading the above story and seeing her photo? Do you have another dog that would also like a buddy for life? Do you have enough patience, love and time to get to know her?

Send an e-mail with details such as: family situation, other pets, how long the dog should be home alone to :


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