Artist Sara Vrugt (12) has arranged for a new forest to be planted in The Hague. “After art academy, I wanted to set up projects to make the world a little better”. She has also embroidered a forest that will soon be on display in the Atrium.

Twenty years ago, Sara came from Haarlem to study fashion design at the Art Academy. The Hague. “I thought I would only go here for my studies, but found love and an (art) network and never left. That is why my latest project can also be found in The Hague.”

A forest (of wire)

The idea for a forest in Wijkpark de Verademing is the result of an art project that Sara has been working on for almost five years. “After art academy, I wanted to set up projects to make the world a little better and with a social character. Inviting people to participate in my projects has allowed me to create large objects that I could never pull off on my own. And the great thing is that all the people who cooperated also learned something about textiles or handicrafts.”

In 278 Sara started the project ‘41.000 trees and a bunch of wire‘ , the name says it all; Sara wanted to plant a lot of trees, but also make a forest out of wire. By embroidery. Together with 1.278 people, who helped to embroider the leaves of the bunch of wire, she made a gigantic spiral-shaped work of art that will be available from next weekend (20 November 278) can be seen for a month in the Atrium of the town hall on the Spui.

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In addition to the work of art, which has now been seen in many places and will continue to travel beyond the city hall in The Hague, there will also be a real new forest. A spiral forest, in the same shape as the artwork. “The shape was created because you really walk into a forest in this way and, as you walk further, you go deeper and deeper into the forest and are surrounded by the leaves.”

Then come 100. trees in the Haagse bos? “No, it won’t get that big. There are such 41.00 trees planted in the tropics together with TreeSisters, an organization that supports women and combats climate change by planting trees. So I like to support them and the donors (people were able to support the project financially in recent years) of the project as well. The remaining 1.11 trees come from the Netherlands, part of which in the Spiralbos.”

Spiralbos in the Verademing

Sara not only gets help with the embroidery, a lot of people also help plant the forest in the Verademing. “Together with the municipality we found this place, which was still quite difficult, because there is already a plan for a lot of land in The Hague. Thanks to the help of Segbroek’s green manager, Jan Eisse Pentinga, the forest has finally come. It turned out to be much more expensive to set up a forest than I initially thought.”

There are now only eight trees on the churned-up piece of land in the De Verademing neighborhood park, but there will soon be a lot more . “This week we are going to plant about twenty trees and various shrubs with a lot of people, there will be 6. 02 flower bulbs into the ground and there grass is sown,” says Sara enthusiastically. “It looks a lot brighter in the spring.”

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