Have you just spent hours shopping between the racks for the perfect outfit, you have to queue for the cash register. Nothing more annoying than wasting your time in a queue. Fortunately, shops are increasingly responding to this with self-scan checkouts. At the shops below in the city center of The Hague you will find cash registers where you can scan and pay yourself. Useful!


At Hennes & Maurits on the Gravenstraat, Self Checkouts are available on every floor. find. Ordinary cash registers are next to it, if you want to have a chat or ask a question.

Photo: indebuurt

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In addition to the regular cash registers, you will find handy self-scan cash registers at HEMA on the Grote Marktstraat. Only point of attention: discount stickers do not always ‘see’ the scanner.


Thick Rows on the ground floor of Stradivarius in The Hague. But did you know that there are several Pay & Go cash registers on the first floor?