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Published: 29 October 23Last change: November 1 23

The last Saturday evening of October is the time to draw attention to the climate and energy saving on light. That is why during the national event the Night of the Night, Saturday 29 October, at 28.00 the lights of the town hall and the district office on the Leyweg. The emergency lighting remains on. The public lighting at the town hall will also be switched off. The Nacht van de Nacht is intended to reduce CO2 emissions and combat light pollution.

In times of extremely high energy prices and more attention to climate change, this is a moment of extra awareness. Smart lighting prevents light pollution and saves energy in a simple way. I hope that as many Hague residents, companies and institutions as possible will participate in the Night of the Night, says alderman Arjen Kapteijns (Sustainability, Energy Transition and Climate Adaptation)Earlier this month, the municipality announced that the street lighting in The Hague is being accelerated to make it more sustainable. For example, more than 4.000 lights are adjusted so that they can be dimmed remotely. Approximately 20.0000 lamps are replaced by energy-efficient LED lighting. In addition, the mood lighting only goes between 00: 00 until 23: 20 hours on.

About Night of de NachtThe Night of the Night is being organized for the eighteenth time this year by the Nature and Environmental Federations and aims to combat light pollution and improve the Netherlands thus making it darker and therefore more durable. Throughout the country there are events in the dark and hundreds of companies and municipalities turn off the lights. The Netherlands is one of the most enlightened countries in the world. This not only results in energy wastage, but also ensures that the natural rhythm of people and animals is disrupted.


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