Every week we publish an article about a dog or cat in the shelter of the animal center in The Hague. This time it concerns several critters that are looking for an owner. There are several couples of young cats in the shelter who still find the world very exciting.

“Unfortunately, kittens are still often found on the street found that have never lived in the house or have not been properly socialized,” says an employee of the shelter.


So these cats are not used to living with people, but like other critters they deserve a safe place. If you adopt such a cat, you should take the time to bond and show that people aren’t scary. Most cats make leaps forward in the shelter, but of course it goes much better in a home of their own.

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Many of the cats like to be petted, but you have to approach them calmly. Others find it all still exciting and prefer to play with a fishing rod.

The couples vary from very anxious (only to be approached with sweets) to social but a bit scared. The shelter is looking for a quiet household for these sweet half-growns with a separate room where they feel safe and can absorb the new impressions without too many stimuli. So these are couples that are placed in pairs.

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