Clothing, accessories, furniture and more: many shops in The Hague have Black Friday, 21 November, products on sale. What exactly is Black Friday? What is there to do in The Hague and who doesn’t participate? You can read it here:

Funky Friday

The Hague City Center Foundation has baptized Black Friday as Funky Friday. Besides the fact that there are sales in many shops that day, there is also plenty to do on the street. Many stores are up to 21. open hours, there are light acts and there is live music.

Grote Marktstraat. Photo nearby

Which stores participate in Black Friday?

Before you put your savings together, it is good to know which businesses in The Hague participate in Black Friday. This is not a complete overview, but it gives you an idea.

Furniture stores

Are you looking for a new cupboard, sofa or bed, you can shop with a discount during Black Friday at, among others LeenBakker or Praxis. For accessories, for example, you can go to HEMA. With the latter they also celebrate

Which shops do not participate in Black Friday?

A number of shops in The Hague deliberately do not participate in the shopping day. Through the counter-movement

Where does Black Friday come from?

Black Friday came from the United States and is known as the shopping day of the year. On that day, many entrepreneurs lower the prices of their products. Americans see Black Friday as the start of Christmas shopping.

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday is traditionally the day after Thanksgiving, on the fourth Friday of November. That is this year on 24 November. Most people in the United States have that day off by default, unfortunately this is not the case for residents!

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